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Exporama Show - 2008 | 11/02/2009

Exporama Show - 2008 | 11/02/2009

Preparation for an exhibition "ExporamaShow - 2008" - to the Mediterranean specialised action for exhibitions, conferences and corporate meetings, goes at full speed. The exhibition passing time in two years, is spent by company Exporama Crossmedia and Greece should take place c 6 on December, 9th, in exhibition and conference centre Helekspo the Oriental carpet, in Athenes. At an exhibition "ExporamaShow", the wide range of branches of the exhibition industry, such, as the organisation of exhibitions and actions, carrying out places, building of exhibition stands, display systems, the equipment for carrying out of actions, services in advancement of exhibitions, stimulation, travel, placing in гостинницах, logistics and safety, the professional organisations and associations is presented.

The exhibition "ExporamaShow" expects visiting and participations of managers on marketing, export, exhibitions, planning of meetings, managers on communications and public relations from all spectrum of the industrial, trading, pharmaceutical and service companies which will have an opportunity to familiarise with the innovative. Key decisions and to receive representation about recent trends, products and services in sphere of exhibitions, conferences and corporate meetings.

The exhibition "ExporamaShow" has complete support of some the important international and Greek organisations, including IFES - the International federation of services in exhibitions and carrying out of actions, EFAPCO - the European federation of associations of organizers of the professional congresses, the company the International exhibitions in Tessaloniki (Thessaloniki International Fair SA) and HAPCO - Ellinistichesky association of organizers of the professional congresses. This action is financed by companies Helexpo SA, Exposystem SA and VISION Ltd. The list of partners among exhibition mass media "Exporama Show's" includes companies ADC - Agenzia della Comunicazione, Grupo Eventoplus, Eventos Latinoamericanos, S&M Publication, Kongres Magazine, Exhibit Bulgaria, Travel Daily News, InVentMe.net, eTurboNews, Islamic Tourism, Exponet.ru and a number of printing and electronic editions in Greece.

Company Mash Media, leading publishing house in the industry of carrying out of actions, is the international sponsor of an exhibition in mass media. In an exhibition operating time "ExporamaShow - 2008", a number of the interactive seminars which purpose is support of professional development and knowledge will be spent. Among the other will act: an analyst in sphere of the exhibition industry and the senior teacher of university in Westminster, specialising in branch of the organisation business of rounds and business tourism, Uniforms Davidson who will present the report under tendencies and development of the market of the industry of carrying out of actions; Fiona Pelham, the general director of company Organise This and the representative for UK MPI chapter, will speak about the important question of "sustainable development Maintenance"; Maarten Vanneste, CMM, Institute of maintenance of presidential meetings, will develop the concept of the architectural organisation of meetings.

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Exporama Show - 2008 | 11/02/2009