Портфолио выставочных стендов
Exporama Show - 2008 | 11/02/2009


We would like to present a great variety of exhibition equipment: tables and chairs, armchairs, couches, booklet holders, lighting, audio and video equipment.
We also have folding furniture helping to find the best decisions for the exhibition stand exposed in small area.

The most popular is the furniture with legs made of chrome plated metal as this design feature makes our furniture perfectly matching with the metal elements of the exhibition stand, it is light and can be easily moved.

We offer a range of tables: bar tables, coffee tables, tables made of glass or wood with a laminated table-top or big conference tables. You can also find a good choice of chairs: bar stools with height adjustment, padded chairs, high back chairs.

Using booklet holders you can designate the working areas or organize the direction of visitors flow.

If you want something really exclusive, you can provide us your own ideas and we will make counters, reception desks, bars, display cases for you. We can place your logo or any other identification sign on standard display cases or reception desks.

We also have the kitchen equipment on offer: refrigerators, sinks, sinks with a boiler, microwave ovens, coffee machines, and coolers.
If you need to hold a multimedia presentation, you can rent video projectors, audio equipment, and plasma panels.

We can pick out any furniture and accessories in line with the main idea of the exhibition stand or develop the general concept of the stand arrangement under your budget.

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Exporama Show - 2008 | 11/02/2009